Manufacturing of premium breakfast cereals and nutritional supplements all made with GMO free ingredients.

There is a product to suit every requirement from Low GI, wheat free, nut free and gluten free!

The focus is on maximizing the nutritional content whilst keeping them really tasty. No cane sugar, artificial sweeteners or preservatives are added. The Raw Honey granola is made using the finest raw honey sourced from local bee-keepers.

The functional foods range is a brand new concept! Using milled flaxseeds and ground walnuts as a base the Cardio Care also contains ground Macadamia nuts (high in omega 7) and Co-enzyme Q10, whilst the Immune & Digestive Care has added ground almonds and pumpkin seeds together with L-Glutamine and probiotics! One tablespoon added to breakfast cereals, shakes, smoothies, salads, yoghurt, soups, stews etc. will provide you with your daily dose of omega fats, dietary fibre, protein and of course the cardio or immune & digestive support.

This takes supplementation to a brand new level!!